I had my own family emergency last week. Harrowing. It’s always fun to see your boss’s face when you interrupt a meeting and note that your daughter has gone missing, and you need to leave. It all turned out OK in the end – my idiot daughter decided that skipping school would be a good idea.

Her children will be born grounded. Writing this on Saturday: She is currently scrubbing the grout on our tile floors, and has been all day. Our house has over 1800 sq ft of tile floors. She has a long row to hoe.

This was one strip where the characters wrote their own dialogue, and I have no idea why Mick’s final reply here tickles me. But it does.

I don’t know where this huge spike in readership is coming from, but: Hello, internets! Welcome! If you wanted a comic about romance and guns, with various dick jokes and other tomfoolery, welcome! And if you were looking for a comment section where you can debate shit about guns with me, or religion, or abortion, or any other political hotpoint, here I am! And after I beat you in the debate, you can go on Reddit and tell everyone what a jackass I am! Greetings!

I think this post needs a soundtrack, don’t you?

I had the pleasure of sharing a couple drinks with Wes Borland after Black Light Burns opened for Combichrist here, a few years back. Dude is a rockingly cool cat. Very down-to-earth, very affable, and has many a story to tell, indeed. Also, he has a scathing sense of humor.