It’s not often I get to work a Firefly joke into the comics.

For those who still haven’t seen it: You have no excuse. It’s on Netflix, and you can get the DVD collection used for like $10. Firefly was an unexpected hit that we got into about a year after the show was cancelled, thanks to Mel’s parents sending us the DVD collection. I still maintain that it is the best sci-fi show ever, and aside from Breaking Bad, THE best TV show ever envisioned. That Fox cancelled it so early is a fucking travesty. The episodes that ARE available stand alone as amazing.

And yeah, Joss Whedon did his usual magic of making you like all the characters – but Jayne is my personal favorite. Guns, Brawn, Babes, and Booze – that’s Jayne, who I quoted here. If you watch the series, you’ll love most of them – but Jayne is still my personal fave.