Let’s see where this train goes!

Ugh. Never really came DOWN with it, but been fighting off Con Crud for the last week. The camping trip exacerbated it some. Then, yesterday, my desktop computer died a foul death. NO worries there, got a new one in the works and I can limp along on my laptop for now, making comics. (But if you ever wanted to donate, now would be a SPECTACULAR time to throw a buck or two in the Paypal bucket below.) #Firstworldproblems

In other news… ever since they hit the media, I’ve noticed a certain aroma about this “Moms Demand Action” group. Something about them felt too familiar, too wrong. Too fake. I suspected they were a front for another anti-gun lobby. Seems I was right, surprise surprise. Smells like Bloomberg. Best part is that Brooklyn Bridge march they did, claiming that “over a thousand protesters showed up.” I’m looking through the photos, and I’m not seeing anywhere near 1000. Or even 500. Pretty sure I’m not even looking at 100 people. Just as when the Teabaggers claimed they were going to storm the capitol in the American Spring Uprising, and fewer than a hundred showed up, this rally was a crock. But the media was very quick to skewer the Teabaggers – whereas the exaggeration about the Moms March seems to be BOLSTERED by the media.

Chew on that a bit.