As many of you, especially long-time readers, know, I consider myself a middle-of-the-road Liberal, bordering on Libertarian. I’m a constitutionalist, and in some ways a statist, and in others a federalist. And I know full well that I can’t please everyone. So be it. Don’t like my political views? Go fuck yaself with a garden rake. I ain’t here to suck your dick and pat you on the head.

I am absolutely sick to fuck of hearing about Hillary Clinton.

Gun control is just one of the many ways I detest her. But it’s a big one. She has self-admittedly visited nations that have STRICT gun control, but much higher gun homicide rates than ours. And yet… Nope, she panders to the grabber audience.

Lest anyone think I’m a misogynist for hating Hillary, there are plenty of women I would love to see as the first female president of the USA. Elizabeth Warren, for instance. Or Susana Martinez. Or fuck, gimme Flo from Progressive Insurance. I don’t care. Just please, please, I don’t want President Hillary. She’s a fucking aristocratic cunt with no clue as to what entails our lives as working schmoes. She’s a high-dollar fruitbag, almost as offensive to my nose as Palin. Please, please, anyone but her.