Yes, this really happened. Sorta. The guy I was buying the C9 from brought it out to the ranch one day – this was when I decided I wanted it. It was working fine. We had a little after-shoot cleaning get together at our place, and he decided to “give it a real cleaning” by taking it all the way down.

For such a cheap pistol, it sure has a ton of moving parts inside. Seriously. Mel’s Hi-Power breaks down into like 5 pieces for cleaning. The C9 looks like the inside of a watch. And if you punch out the takedown pin, then remove the grips (taking the grip apart to clean it? What is this, a fucking revolver?) , you have to be VERY careful not to nudge the C9 wrong, or springs and pieces and parts go flying all over the fucking place. This may be why the company does not recommend doing such a thing.

When we tried to put it back together… yeah. Leftover pieces, wouldn’t fit together right. I ended up purchasing the gun from him in a Ziploc baggie. Later, I looked it up on youtube and got the pieces to fit – I think. Took the gun to the range, and it behaved horribly. Firing pin wouldn’t reset.

That’s when I decided to call Hi-Point.

I will say this outright: Hi-Point does not fuck around on their warranty. Ten days later, my C9 was returned to me. They replaced EVERYTHING except the frame and the barrel. The slide, the sights, the firing pin, everything. I took it to the range several days later, and it ran like a champ. And continued to do so… right up until I ran some homemade hot loads through it, months later. Rapid-fire, and suddenly, it wouldn’t feed. I’d bent the firing pin to the point that it stuck in the forward position. Thankfully, they’d already sent me an extra during the repair (as well as an extra mag “for my trouble”), so it’s still running strong.

Mel will probably slap me, but I’m going to keep up the sexist pig videos. Because I can.