Yes, I know I used a similar punchline a decade ago in FLEM. Deal with it. It’s still true.

Finally, after two months, Mick leaves the store! Whoof. That setup took a long damn time – but you stuck with me, and we marched onward! WE DID IT! And now here we are, lost on the wrong side of town, dressed in wedding gowns and fright wigs, trying to find somewhere to buy bath salts. Ah, adventure.

For the record – the strip is going to move a hell of a lot faster from here out. I just wanted to give a good foundation on which to build. There is still a plot, of course, and you haven’t even met all of the main characters yet. But it’s going to be a lot less “every fucking detail of Mick’s day” and more of “One day condensed to two or three strips, highlight reel action, skipping a few days in his life” for the most part.

My first few jobs in Dallas were within walking distance from my apartment. I was the exception. SO few people in Dallas walk anywhere, which really messed with my head – I’m originally from Southern Cali, where millions of people use buses, bicycles, skateboards, and yes, their feet. Here? Sidewalks are relatively abandoned. They exist, but if I walk anywhere, I can literally hike for miles without seeing another person on foot. Maybe the heat? I dunno.

The more of these videos I post, the more I worry about mosquitoes for those poor, nearly-naked women. I live in the South, and mosquitoes here are merciless about exposed skin.

Ah, well.