This is one of the lamest gun puns I’ve ever done. I regret nothing.

Some of you emailed and pinged me about the FTF-COMICS.FR project. I was emailed by a great homie a few months back, and totally gave permission on it. C’est une bonne idee, in my opinion. Gun control is a hot topic in France right now. Better to get me some readers!

Some of you reading this might even be from France. Allo, mes amis! Sound off in the comments if you like – Mel and I speak passable French, and would love to hear from you.

For anyone who makes jokes about “surrender monkeys”, remember this: America would not exist if not for the French. Period. They were the mightiest war machine in the world, once upon a time. Also, I think their women are gorgeous. The ones I’ve met, anyhoo.