It’s always good when this happens. First dates, even ones full of getting laid, always feel better when you get a good call the next day.

Sorry about yesterday’s comic – it was NOT a jab at the recent mall shooting. I do these comics about 3 weeks in advance. Had I realized it, I would have maybe held off on that strip… but it was already up when I realized it, so there you go. Hate me if you will. Get in line.

Let’s get some machete love going:

I love machetes. I have taken some martial arts classes in katana, and I even own a very nice one, but in modern times, a really good machete is much better of a survival weapon than a samurai sword. They’re a tool, not a weapon – I keep a Gerber Gator Machete in my car’s trunk at all times, and it’s come in handy quite a bit. Clearing brush, splitting campfire wood, whittling tinder, this blade does it all. What’s your favorite machete?