Joe’s Donut Ale is a real thing, in case you needed proof that there is no god. We’ve tried it. I believe the consensus was that it tasted like eating breakfast at 4 am in a truck stop. Absolutely vile. Drink this stuff if you want to atone for your sins.

Yes, Joe is a bisexual fitness instructor. He’s based on a couple people I’ve known. No, he’s not going to be the male version of Jamie from GWS. He’s got his own agenda. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how much hate mail I get from the shooting community for DARING to put a filthy, evil hommaseckshul in my comics. (I actually don’t anticipate too much backlash. But there will probably be one or two idiots out there who have an internet connection and can stop drooling on themselves long enough to send me a vitriolic email.)