Onward! I think a few people might be puzzled by these jokes, because Monty Python isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. See video below.

This Op-Ed boiled my blood. Sure, we need intelligence tests, federally mandated, to own a gun! Of course, we don’t require those for archery sets, drivers’ licenses (drive on the freeways of Dallas for proof), chainsaws, blenders, hair dryers, Tylenol, or any other potentially lethal purchase. Great idea. Fuck.

For the last time: If you buy a firearm and are stupid with it, you are likely going to kill or injure yourself. Fuck legislation on this – you don’t buy a Hayabusa without knowing how to ride a motorcycle. If you do, you’re going to hurt or kill yourself. THE SYSTEM IS WORKING.

Alright, on with the funny.

ADD: Obama busts out the Fudd defense. Who’da thunkit?