Yep. Going there. The last two strips got a little heavy, and we’re going to see more of Alex’s story in the upcoming months. But for now? SILLINESS.

Those of you who have been reading my other comics for the last 14 years online…

God, I’m getting old.

…well, I guess that’s topical to this bit. Making money on webcomics is very different from other traditional entertainment ventures. 99% of my comics revenue comes from merchandise. And yeah, before June, there will be a FTF shirt, possibly some other fun, inexpensive merch. But for right now, there’s something I do every year.

My birthday is coming up, and since the age of 20, I’ve been collecting ink. Tattoos. I’ve limited myself to only one tattoo a year (although I’ve sometimes exceeded that limit because uh, I wanted to). Usually purchased sometime close to my birthday. I don’t like having big parties for my birthday – every one of these after the age of 21 has just seemed like “woo, I’ve burned through another year of my finite time left on this planet”. I also don’t need my friends and family to buy me a bunch of expensive gifts.

What I do ask is that if you feel like helping me have a grand birthday, Paypal me a dollar or two. If enough people do it, the money adds up, and even a dollar helps toward me getting my newest ink. I haven’t fully decided on what I want to get this year – I have four different designs kicking around, and how much I can raise will decide whether I get a small one or a big one. After I get the ink, pics, of course, will be forthcoming.

Wanna help a guy out? Here ya go!

In the unlikely event that I raise more than enough money for a fairly large tattoo, the excess will go toward beer, bullets, and and upgrading the computer I do my art upon.