I’ll admit: I’ve been guilty of this. The dialogue between Alex and Mick here may be based on a real conversation. I have to meet a gal’s dad for the first time? I want to not look like a hobo.

I don’t know WHY the site fails to autoupdate about once every week. I’ve tried setting it to various random times, usually around 1:00 am CST. Sometimes, I wake up, and have to manually update, because the interface just says “UPDATE FAILED” with no explanation. I’ve tried to hunt down a log file, but can’t find one. Urgh. Let’s try 2:00 am CST this time.

Let’s pause the Gun Control topics for a moment and watch something fucking weird.

[EDIT] Can anyone in NY confirm/debunk this, please?

Cannot corroborate. No other reports. Resuming normal programming.