I have the dubious reality of being both of mixed blood (part Japanese) and “white” enough to enjoy White Privilege.

No. Stop. I know some of y’all white motherfuckers want to rage about the concept of White Privilege. Argue that you never got any real privileges, yadda yadda.

Stop. Don’t post that. Unless you’ve actually studied white privilege, and aren’t just shooting from the hip with your incorrect assumption of what the term means, we will not have a good discourse or debate. You’ll get shitty, because you think the term means you’re rollin’ in a Cadillac and eating steak while people of color scrape for pennies, and you think the term implies guilt. DO NOT GO DOWN THAT ROAD WITH ME. Especially DO NOT argue with me that Affirmative Action is “reverse racism”. That is some ignorant fucking shit, and I will school you hard. And I don’t want to do that.

Fact of the matter is that racism, and racial relation issues, are still alive and well in the US of A as of the time I post this. Having a black President does not change that there are still racial issues in The United States.