Oh yes, Mick is going places. Stupid places.

Here we go again with Gun Control. Yippie skip, it’s worked so well so far, LET’S DO MORE GUN CONTROL. Fucking shitbags. Even though a large population of law-abiding gun owners exist, let’s make laws that turn people into criminals. What a good fucking idea.

Again, for anyone reading this, I am a moderate liberal. I am a fervent 2A supporter, and I do not believe in ANY gun control laws. This nation existed for ages before gun control laws, just fine. We don’t need them. I support social welfare, and if you argue that guns make people into killers, all of ours are defective. If a society wants to protect its own against criminals, the best way to do that is arm the populace. Gun control laws don’t work. They only restrict law abiding citizens. Criminals will always get guns. As an atheist American, I have a right to defend my life, loved ones, and property with firearms.

Gun control is bullshit, and it’s bad for ya.

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