I got into an online discussion about firearms. Of course, with someone who hates guns,and also knows nothing about them. They linked me to the video below, and I blew blood out of my sinuses.

Let’s just put this out there: Assault Rifle has a definition. This includes burst or full auto fire. The VAST MAJORITY of rifles in the USA do not have this feature. You can technically buy these rifles – but they are very goddamned expensive, and no gang banger on the street is going to buy one legally. Even illegally, they’re a pretty penny.

“Assault Weapon” is a bullshit term that means whatever the person saying it means – and the people using this term are, without fail, anti-gun grabbers. I’ve heard this term used to describe everything from an M242 to a Glock pistol. It’s a booga-booga bullshit term, meant to inspire fear, nothing more.

So yeah. Join my tooth-crushing rage here.