Been a bit since I did an Archibald strip, and this one occurred to me a couple days ago when I again was talking about guns with someone, and some anti-gun fucker brought up the retarded argument of “YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULD JUST BE ABLE TO BUY A NUCLEAR WARHEAD?”

Yes. Yes, I do, because they already can. If my neighbor has $37 million to just drop on a nuclear warhead, no gun control law is going to stop him. He might get stopped by NATO forces, or the CIA, but… hell, if he’s that fucking rich, even that’s debatable. Making a law that says you can’t buy nuclear warheads is absolutely retarded.

What I’m saying is that if Bill Gates really wanted a nuclear warhead, he would get one. But… he probably wouldn’t, because of the whole radiation thing. And storing it. And moving it. Shipping costs alone would be a nightmare.

If I wasn’t on a list already, you better believe I am now, after the searches online I did to make this comic. HI THERE PRISM AGENTS, you horrible fuckers.

Been feeling a bit anarchist for a few days.