I have pre-emptively put up the hurricane plywood panels and barricaded my front porch. Bring on the pitchforks and torches.

Who’s saying what? Even I can’t tell you. I agonized over the dialogue here, to make sure that either one of them could be speaking in either role. Because I am a horrible monster, and should pray for death. We should all pray for my death.

For the record, tomorrow’s strip contains some nudity, and is NSFW.


I’ve been posting links to their music for a bit, so I might as well give an interwebs shout to The Birthday Massacre. Mel and I caught them a couple years back at a live show, which they tore the fuck up. I immediately ran home and bought all of their albums, and still keep my discography of them current. Delicious mix of Goth/Metal, with incredible talent on all instruments and positions. If you have a chance to catch a TBM show, DO IT. They will not disappoint. The kids got energy, indeed.