Just to get this out of the way: We need more stories like these in the news.

Regarding today’s scribbling: On the one hand, Netflix Instant has pretty much changed how we watch, uh, anything anymore. Seriously, it’s the death knell for cable TV. We can turn on the Xbox and literally watch millions of hours of entertainment in all genres, including TV shows that we normally wouldn’t watch at all. We’ve been able to see quite a few amazing films that went under the radar, including Ink, which became one of my top ten favorite movies ever the first time I watched it. And the second. And third.

But Netflix Instant also has a hell of a lot of… uhm. Ugh. Horrible crap. It’s an expansive ocean – blue in parts, dark and murky green in others. Perhaps you will find a brilliant new species of octopus that you’ve never heard of. Perhaps you will stumble across an abandoned treasure chest at the bottom of the deeps. Or, unfortunately, you may see what looks like a school of fish, but once you swim into it, you discover it’s a terrible sewage spill, and you’re immersed in a cloud of turds and human waste.

Even Chris Rock couldn’t save this movie. I watched it while I had a cold this summer, and I think by forcing this into my mind, I literally gave myself irreversible brain damage.

[ADD] What the fucking shit, I had the video embedded before we did the site update… Ugh.