I think it’s about time that we start a discussion about Marijuana here on this page.

Everyone grab your clutching pearls and head to the fainting couch:

First off, I very rarely partake of illegal narcotics.
Yes, that is your cue to hit the couch.

I did, once upon a time. I loved LSD, coke, shrooms, weed, MDMA, and GHB. I did them on at least a bi-monthly basis, in large amounts. Weed especially. It was plentiful in Long Beach, CA, and easily acquired. Wake and bake, homies!

That was ages ago. Now I’m a full grown adult, and I have shit to do, so no, I have no place in my life for things that will distract me like that. I can’t sink 8 hours into an acid binge anymore, or spend a weekend fucked up to the gills on a cocktail of narcotics. I have shit to do.

Not saying you’re bad if you do. If your schedule and responsibilities allow you to pile some molly on top of mushrooms and weed? More power to you. Hell, I’m envious.

Now, here’s the thing:

I have truthfully smoked weed fewer than ten times in the last twelve years. Really.

I am not a stoner, by any means.

But it’s time to fucking legalize this shit, already. Legalize it, tax it, and enjoy it. Nancy Reagan polluted my brain with bullshit when I was a kid. She can roast in hell. Marijuana is not a harmful drug, by any means, and if it was legal? Yeah, I’d probably smoke it more often. Cuz if it’s legal, why the fuck not? It makes you feel awesome without fucking up your kidneys and liver like my current booze habit does.

Let’s see who argues in the comments.