I was really hoping that by the time this comic was scheduled, I could delete it. No such luck. Seems our elected officials have decided #YOLO #SWAG #FUCK_THE_PEOPLE, and that bombing Syria is our best bet. To, uh. Do something. Punish them for gassing their own people. Yeah, this will show them. I bet they’ll just take the bombing like a naughty child gets a spanking, and apologize. I reckon…

Ugh. This next voting cycle is either going to be a bloodbath, or the system will out itself as heinously corrupted, to the point that it cannot be denied anymore, by anyone. Once again, the plan is to drop billions of dollars of bombs on a fucking country most Americans can’t point to on a globe, for reasons nobody can concisely explain when quizzed on the street. Groovy.

Go Back To Sleep, America.

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