I do lift, bro, and although I’m hardly a Fabio-esque paragon of studmuffin physique, I do have a bit of muscles going on. So, of course, the line in this comic comes from my personal life. I like making corny jokes about my arms. The other one that isn’t in the comic yet is “I don’t know how you feel about firearms, ma’am, but you should check out these guns.” *flex* Also, Alex’s dialogue in this strip is ripped directly from a conversation I had with a female friend who lifts.

Been on a low-carb diet, off and on, for the last few years. It works, provided I stick with it. Which is difficult, here in Texas, where every goddamn thing is either a burger, or breaded and deep fried. Did you know we have Chicken Fried Bacon Strips here? It’s true! And delicious. And artery clogging. And horrible for you. But tasty.

I was thin before I moved to Texas. Ugh.

Been some discussion about music in the comments, so let’s keep some punk-assed industrial going, shall we?