Yes, those are the characters/people of various webcomics:

Jen and Obbi of The Devil’s Panties.
Davan of Something Positive.
McPedro of Girls With Slingshots.

Some people only put characters from other comics in their own strips with permission. Fuck that. YOU’RE IN A GUN COMIC NOW, BITCHES. I <3 you all, especially Randy and his beard. Now link to our strip, you bastards. This strip, in panel #1, touches on a thing for me. We met Obbi at Akon this year, and he and Jen stayed at our place before and after the con. The boy has a deep fascination with Hornady’s Zombie Killer bullets. I tried explaining to him that there are better fragmenting rounds out there, for a lot less expensive. Feel free to argue with him in the replies to this post. Personally, I think the Winchester PDX line is fabulous, having tested it on watermelons and discarded printers.

YEAH, I’M CALLING YOU OUT, OBBI. YOU STARTED DATING JEN. YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME, AND NOW YOU’RE FAMOUS TOO. SO STEP UP, BOYO, AND who am I kidding, I’d eat a hot fudge sundae off your chest. Your delicious, manly chest…

Moving on.

Let’s look at a good frangible round test…