I won’t name names, but we normally camp with a group of other folks in a theme camp. And once those people are at the burn, clothing flies off like the leaves of autumn.

It’s actually pretty cool. I’m old and wise enough (shut up, you) to know that my hideous body doesn’t need to be totally naked. This is why I stomp around a burn wearing just boots and a kilt.

So hey, donate to my tattoo fund! As noted before, I need to get a tat of Mel’s boot print on my ass. Full size. So this will make it hard for me to sit down, and painful for at least a week to just walk. You can help be a pain in my ass! Don’t like the comic? Don’t like my diatribes in the update posts? Donate to have some smelly motherfucker in a tattoo parlor grind ink for a couple hours right into my ass! Pics will be forthcoming after. That’ll be my revenge, of sorts.

Or you could buy a kindle or paperback copy of The Deal, and that way you get double entertainment. A chance to be part of my personal agony, and a good book? What’s not to like?

If you don’t like Red Fang, you are worthless.