Still sick. Ugh.

Made this for a local upcoming burn. Someone posted this bullshit to a forum for campers. I just want to grab the original author by the lapels and shake them into whiplash, screaming “DID YOU FAIL BASIC SCIENCE IN HIGH SCHOOL???” No. No, you cannot heat a room or a tent with a fucking candle. I don’t care how many fucking flower pots you pile on that candle. A candle still has a BTU output somewhere around the range of my fucking armpit.

I love winter camping. Been doing it since my childhood. But making a heat source in your goddamn tent from a live candle is just asking for tragedy. If it’s cold, your first, best bet? MULTIPLE BODIES. Mel and I have one of these. 40 degrees? Pshaw. This is a toasty way to maintain heat at night, well below that. If it’s supposed to get really cold while you’re camping, throw a comforter over it. This isn’t a double entendre, or a sexy-times joke: if you want to stay warm, put more than one body in your bag. Humans are exothermic. You’ll be fine in mild winter climes.

Trying to make a bullshit heater out of a candle a couple flower pots is a recipe for disaster.

Forewarning: this comic will not be included in any book anthologies of FTF. I used stock art.