This one comes from the tales of a family friend who worked in a gun shop.

For the last time, I am tired of hearing this from people I’m discussing such things with: NO, THE COPS ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO TELL YOU THAT THEY’RE COPS. NONE. ZERO. If you’re doing something illegal, and you ask a suspected cop if they’re a cop, THEY ARE FULLY ALLOWED TO LIE ABOUT IT. THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief, Buck & Ball ammo is totally legal in the USA. Hell, I have 25 of such shells hanging in a bandolier in my kitchen. Purchased at Cabela’s. I had to correct a guy at a gun show last year on this, and he looked at me like I was lying. No, it’s legal. It’s perfectly legal, as are so-called “dum-dum” bullets. Fact of the matter is that pretty much any ammunition you can imagine is legal.

Here’s a few other gun myths:

Speaking of fucking MORANS, does anyone else think this is one of the dumbest fucking ideas ever?