Guys do this. It’s just a thing. I understand women do too. But I learned to steer away from these conversations years ago, because there’s always someone like Omar to ask questions of this type.

As noted to some friends of late who were mocking my spread: I am not a fan of the M4 platform for many reasons, and one of them is I am a damned good shot with everything but a goddamn M4. Something about the action on it gives me hellish trigger flinch. I’ve been trying to get used to it for decades, and the best I’ve ever done was a 10 inch spread at 50 yards. That same day, same distance, I put 10 shots of 7.62 through my SKS into a spread the size of a matchbook. And I’m equally accurate with an AK. Something about the M4 platform just doesn’t sit well with me. (This is not true for Mel, who kicks royal ass with her Bushmaster.)

As I also love shotguns, I’ve always wanted a Saiga. Here’s what I’m talking about: