Drawing this comic left me giggling. Scanning the art in left me giggling. Coloring and lettering it left me howling with laughter. A lot. So help me, as long as Joe Biden keeps opening his fucking mouth about guns, I will never run out of material. I could pause the storyline regarding Mick and Alex and Heidi and the gun shop and just do a month of comics about Joe Biden, and I’d love every minute. But, indeed, quite a few of our readers like the storyline, so we’re going to only do these kinds of shenanigans once a week or so.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about here, Biden has actually given this advice. He has been talking about a few things regarding firearms and home defense recently, and every bit of it is bogus. It’s very obvious that he’s only ever fired a double-barrel shotgun, probably plinking clays at Martha’s Vineyard. And then he retired to the main guest house, where he swilled $800/bottle scotch and ashed his cigar on a Peruvian servant’s stomach. He apparently thinks the AR-15 is too heavy, too complicated, and has too much recoil for a mere dame to handle.

Mel would like a word with him on that. Her AR-15 is my wife’s favorite rifle.

Seriously, I now have a backlog of Biden strips in my brain.

This video from a shooter, who was having a gun day in Big Bear the day of the Dorner drama, sums up an excellent point I agree with.

Fuck Biden.