Grab a seat kids, story time:

I’ve seen many a Hot Brass Dance in my time. Men AND women. But the one that really sticks out was one within the last few years. I took some friends shooting, and one of them was a remarkably attractive gal with really large, round, perky tits. She showed up at the range in a VERY deep-necked, tight tee shirt.

We went to the rifle range, set up, and got to plinking. While she was reloading, another of our party lit off some .223, and one of those impish ejected casings decided to hit smack dab down the center of the lass’s wondrous cleavage.

God as my witness, all other action on the line stopped, as if the range master had called the line cold, when all other shooters watched her dance around, then proceed to damn near pull her shirt up over her head to get the thing out.

She changed into a shirt with a much higher neck before she continued shooting.

What’s your favorite Hot Brass Dance story?

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