I had a friend who was involved in a shooting. It was defensive on his part – dude who was an ex of his girlfriend showed up at their house party and tried to start shit with a knife. My friend pulled his .380 and popped the dude twice.

Cops came, a lot of Heidi’s arc here is based on what my friend went through. He wasn’t even arrested – all the witnesses correlated his story of woe. A drunk dickbag invaded his house, got threatening with a knife, and got shot. Self defense, and it never even made it to a full-blown Texas courtroom. (Yes, the perp lived.)

But god, the next week, when we all got together, all the gun nerds wanted to know how well the pistol worked in real life. My bud was hit with questions about what ammo he used, how many shots he fired, what the damage to his target was. A barrage of rude questions.

I guided the convo away from that, and kept him plied with beer and bourbon. The questions stopped not long after I started feeding him shots with Shiner chasers.

Because, as I picked up from him, having to shoot someone, regardless of situation, is a pretty traumatic event. I’ve never experienced said event, and I hope to never know what that’s like.