….Aaaaand with that, I’m taking a week off.


Don’t worry, the strip will continue on September 9th. Until then, I have some guest strips lined up. And maybe some filler art. But I’m taking a goddamn week off, after doing 260 strips in the first year, and never missing an update. Sure, there were some odd site shenanigans, but by gawddamn, I fulfilled my obligations.

What will I do with this week? I dunno. Enjoy laying around naked a lot. Get hammered. Chase the cats with a waffle iron. Clean my guns. Shave off my hair. I dunno. It’s been a year since I had any free time.

Oh, right, I’ll also be making a book of Year One.

ADD: Aware of the error, trying to get rid of it.

ADD: Error fixed. I keep forgetting that there are certain words I should NOT use in the title, and “request” is one of them.

Also, Mel and I are at Animefest this weekend in Dallas. Come see us!