We’ve known Lauren for a while, and Glenn more recently. Turns out they have a New Comic with a cast of characters I wholeheartedly approve.

Sooooooooo. FTF will resume normal updating Monday. Rejoice!

So far, I ran into a snag with the comic book. Long story short: If I did a full color collection of FTF Year 1, all 260 strips, then with formatting and such, it would come to 282 pages, and I’d have to price it at $35 or more. That’s a HUGE book for a webcomic, for one thing, and secondly… I didn’t like that price point. Call me a bad Capitalist if you will, but I prefer that our book collections stay low enough to sell to average working class joes. This means I try to keep them under a $20 price point. Would some people buy a 282 page book for $40? Sure! But I’d rather put out 2 6-month collections at 140 pages and price them about $19.

We’ll see. As I type this, the proof for Book 1, 6-month version, is winging its way to me.