Developments occur!

So yesterday’s post got some attention. Murray Himself checked in. Seems the argument is it’s the ammo, and not the firing pin, causing popped primers that melt the spring in the OMM pin.

You better believe this gave me a hard-on to test this. My SKS now has the original soviet pin, with the serial scratched in. I’m taking 40 rounds of Tula, 40 rounds of Silver Bear, and 40 rounds of Wolf down to the range on Saturday. This will be documented in pics, possibly some video. I will force my daughter to fire rounds/hold the bag to catch brass, trading off with her for 120 rounds. We will keep the ejected brass separated by brand. All of it will be fired using the original soviet firing pin.

I see this going one of two ways.

– Primers pop on the Wolf ammo, in which case I issue an apology to OMM here, and blame the fucking ammo. And I will write the manufacturer, to see about some form of recompense.

– No primers pop, in which case I think we can safely say the OMM firing pin is causing the problem. And in that case, I will be sending the pin back to OMM in a bag, demanding a goddamn refund.

Gun drama! Gotta love it. I’m just looking forward to an excuse to shoot my SKS at the range.