I know some of you want to see what her face looks like completely, but I tried that in a single panel, and it didn’t seem to have the impact I wanted. This worked better.

So this shit is the newest media fear craze. HOW DO WE KEEP CHILDREN FROM KILLIN’ PEOPLE WITH GUNS?

Well, I dunno. My family’s method seems to work.

I remember my first time shooting very well. For my 5th birthday, my family had a BBQ out in the Mojave. My uncle brought a family heirloom, a bolt-action .22 Remington rifle his father had purchased ages before. He taught me a quick and dirty version of the 4 holy rules, and we set up aluminum cans full of dirt, about 15 yards out. He very carefully showed me how to hold the rifle, guiding my aim. He showed me proper sight picture. And he taught me to knock over every can.

I am the eldest of 4 kids. All of us were taught guns early. We were not allowed to have toy guns, even though those were extremely popular. We were taught that guns are not a toy. They are a tool, a weapon, and they do damage to the target. We were taught that they were no more dangerous than a pocketknife, as long as you kept very, very safe, by following the rules of guns.

4 kids, often left home unsupervised, in a time period when gun safes and trigger locks were considered, by our family and others, unnecessary. A loaded rifle in the hallway closet.

0 instances of playing with the rifle. 0 gun accidents. 0 injuries or deaths.

I have taught my own daughter the same. She’s had “her own” Crickett rifle since she was 6 years old. Yes, I closely supervised her while she shot it, and it’s been a few years since she fired it – she’s graduated to bigger calibers, now being a teenager. But my daughter knows gun safety to the point that she schools some of my adult friends at the range.

Yes, we have a safe. Yes, the guns stay in it. But I trust my daughter with firearms. I only stopped hovering on her once I was damned sure she knew trigger discipline, muzzle discipline, to treat all firearms as either loaded or disabled, and to know what’s behind her target. And especially, I taught her that Hollywood is full of shit. TV is full of shit. Guns are not magical devices that solve all problems. They are only to be used in very specific scenarios. Although they are fun to shoot, and you can gun geek out all you like when you see/fire a “cool” new firearm, there is nothing glamorous about guns.

This is the best bet, in my opinion, on keeping children safe with guns.

And now, a killer video.