So yeah, this is gonna be a fun ride.

Epiphanies are always fun. Omar may have had a bit of a mindset change after his burn, n’est-ce pas?

Fuck Politicians. On that note, it’s already starting – and the playing field is fucked. Throughout the last two decades, I followed politics like some of you watched the Superb Owl. No more. I have told the DNC to fuck off, and the GOP has nothing for me ideologically. I’m not a Libertarian, I’m certainly not a Green Party fucking hippie. I’m a true moderate Liberal, bordering (but not actually entering the property of) Libertarian. I have no political party to choose that actually represents me. Polls show that I’m not alone.

Strap in, folks, shit’s gonna get HORRIBLE in the next two years. Hillary is a bad choice outright for the Dems. She carries too much baggage, and she pushes way too far left – why wouldn’t she? It’s how she stays in the spotlight. The GOP, on the other hand, have been doing their damnedest to push away anyone but the ignorant or privileged. I’ve been going through the rosters for days, and… I got nuthin’. Not a damn thing.

Some would say that 2016 COULD be the year a third party really steps up and wipes the floor with the GOP/DNC. But… I still don’t see that happening. The system is fucked. We’re all fucked. Panem et Circes for all.