This one just kinda occurred to me when I was plotting out a three-strip arc of Omar and Maria fucking in graphic detail. Thank my laziness to the heavens, readers. You did not want to see what I originally wanted to draw.

New job is interesting. We’ll see how it goes.

Fuck, I’m tired. And this is the 300th strip in FTF. Might only run for two and a half years at this rate – the plot progressed faster than I expected. Ah well. I think you’ll like where this story goes.

This is going to sound weird, but this gal… I think she should have fired into the dirt instead of the air. Firing into the air? What goes up DOES come down. I get that she only wanted a warning shot, and I don’t actually agree with that kind of shit (THANKS, BIDEN), but if you’re GOING to pull a move like that, FIRE INTO THE DIRT. I dunno. Your thoughts?

In other news: Life is fucking good. Get up and shake your ass to this shit.