What, indeed, would he want these for? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN.

This brings up the subject of suppressors. I have mild hearing damage from many things in my life, not the least of which being thousands of hours spent shooting. And some of that, in my youth, was done without proper hearing protection.

One unaltered blast from a .357 magnum can damage your ears forever. So can going to goth clubs and dancing next to the speakers, or attending loud metal concerts. Take heed, younger readers: PROTECT YOUR EARS. I have mild tinnitus and sometimes have to ask people to repeat themselves in party conversations, and I’m not yet 40 years old. Hearing damage is real.

So yeah. Suppressors. Silencers. Whatever. My experience with them has been that they lower the decibels on 9mm and larger calibers by enough that you don’t strictly need hearing protection. The gun still gives off an almighty BANG. Not the kitten farting on a pillow sound that movies show.

That said, recently, new wet suppressors have hit the market. I want one.