I’ll admit I laughed way harder than I should have, while doing this strip. I knew what the punchline would involve, as is my usual bent, but until I started lettering the dialogue, I didn’t know how the joke would exactly be delivered. The characters in my head wrote their own words here.

Some of you have pinged me on Faces of Books and other media, asking me if I’m going to do a strip about Feinstein’s childish hissy fit. The answer is: no. She’s already embarrassed herself more than I could hope to in a comic. Her political career is coasting on fumes now, and her impotence in Washington is perfectly delicious. She is fading out. Good riddance.

Hopefully ammo will be available again by August, so I can get out to the Ranch and blow some shit up on video. Right now the only ammo I have in excess is either 7.62x54r, or various 12 ga buck. I don’t mind firing either of those, but they’re not my favorites.

Speaking of Mosins, I’m unsure of whether I want to get one of these new Archangel stocks. On the one hand, I like my dirty old stock. It’s got character and history. On the other… that grip looks sweet, and a ten round mag? Woof. Thoughts?