People won’t believe me when I say: This strip in particular is very important, for reasons you won’t find out for quite some time. Stay tuned!

Feeling rough after a crazy weekend. Welcome Home party for our roommate, who just got back from Afghanistan. The party was… well, I’m typing this at 11 pm Sunday, and I’m still getting over the physical and mental hangovers. He’s a very dear friend to me and Mel, and he was welcomed back by piles of barbecue and beer… and other fun.

Long story short, while rescuing a friend this evening from two destroyed rims (thanks to a couple giant chunks of polished granite countertop someone let fall off their truck on the freeway), I nearly got creamed by a dipshit running a purely red light, swerved, and tagged the curb – and of course, that curb somehow slashed my sidewall. Gah. So much fun today.

But I roll along because ain’t no shit so far done stopped me.