Working on the post. But this is the official update, late, yes, but still NOT AFTER MIDNIGHT HA HA HA YESSSSSSSSSS NO SKIPPED DAYS YET!!!!! WOOOOOOO

ADD: Wow, what a fuckin’ week. Illness, site goes kaput, fuck.

For the tech nerds: Our site was taking up a LOT of CPU time on the server due to too many processes. To the point that once the big hits started rolling in on the Tactical Rifles strip yesterday, our host straight up disabled our account. Mel, being a goddess, dove in and found that the Slimstat plugin for WordPress was really process-intensive, and killed it. That’s cool, I can always go to the Webalizer backend, unless someone knows a good LIGHT stats app. Pity. I really liked Slimstat. But if it kills the site when we get heavy traffic, to the curb it goes.

We’re at Furry Fiesta this weekend. Different kind of convention than we’re used to, but no complaints. Again, I kinda like Furries. No, I’m not secretly a furry, and I’m not going to say I’m a skunk or a bat or a echidna, but I don’t get why people have decided that on the internet playground, FURRIES ARE THE DEVIL. So they like to dress up as animals – so fuckin’ what? Every furry we’ve met at cons so far has been pleasant, polite, and fun to be around. We do anime conventions several times a year, and I see WAY worse than furries at those cons.

Same for bronies, really. So some adults like MLP – it’s not my bag, but fuck it, if they like it, they ain’t hurting anyone. Also, most of the brony chicks we’ve seen are, um. Pretty hot. Fun to look at, let’s say.

God. The site is back up. LOAD OF STRESS OFF MY MIND.

And the internwet has everything on it….