Again, anyone who knows me personally will attest that I am nothing like Mick. He’s not an “I-guy” in this series. Frankly, I think he’s a bit of a whiny bitch. But this will change, oh yes. Quite a bit.

There are traces of my divorce, ten years ago, in his moping. But I’ve made him ten years younger than me, and even more dopey than I was at that age. Perhaps he just needs the right woman?

I do not personally sleep with a gun under my pillow. I keep my .357 in the bedframe, on the side of the mattress, where my hand naturally falls over the side of the bed if I roll that way. As a couple people in my life have discovered, including Mel one night, when she came back late from a party and startled me, I can get to it in about .5 seconds, ready to rock. It’s my favorite gun ever. I call it my teddy bear. It’s a black Taurus model 669 that I am lethal with at both long distances, and short. Pulled off hitting a gong one-handed, 10″ steel, at just over 100 yards one day – witnesses were awed. I love, love, love this pistol. Woe betide the home intruder who rouses my anger while I’m in bed.

So, where do you keep YOUR home defense weapon?

My first shots, years ago, with this revolver: