She’s made a terrible discovery about her own shortcomings! THAT’S THE JOKE! HA HA HA HA!

Yeah, it’s a laugh a minute here.

So there was a shooting in Houston yesterday. Yup, this is newsworthy. Right up until you realize other shootings don’t get the same press as a college full of white kids.

That really is the elephant in the room, isn’t it? If it involves a cop gone on a rampage, or a black family, or even a shooting in a black neighborhood, nobody gives Shit #1 about it. But OMG SHOMEONE PULLED A GUN FOR A FIGHT and shot someone they hated, well, there’s your screaming headline. GOTTA WATCH OUT FOR THEM WHITE KIDS. SENSATIONALISM!

The media is playing the public like a fiddle, and it makes me sick.

Addendum: As of right now, the advertiser in the sidebar is for a video of women shakin’ dat ass. Totally NSFW. I don’t mind the revenue, and I don’t mind the video, but I do wonder how they ended up buying my adspace.