Another strip to get the 1911 owners to firebomb my house. I’d point out that Mick’s views are his own, not mine, and that the .45 is anything but an underpowered round. I don’t like 1911s, but I would never argue that they don’t have enough power. No, Mick dislikes them for home defense for reasons that will be clear in the upcoming comics…

Help me out, internets, I’m having a hard time finding something.
Years ago, when I was deciding on what my home defense purchase would be, I decided on the .357 magnum. Part of this was due to a coroner’s report/Sheriff’s dept. report that had been leaked online. A deputy was called out to some trailer park in, I believe, North Dakota, for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the husband of the pair barged outside, brandishing a 12-ga pump at the deputy. The deputy drew and fired his .357 magnum, and one shot stopped the very drunk, furious, idiot.
I remember quite clearly in the reports: the scanned, handwritten note was that the coroner/law enforcement officers found over 2 oz. of the perp’s lung tissue 6 feet behind the body, and bone fragments up to ten feet behind him. The deputy’s service piece had been loaded with Winchester JHP, 125 grain. The perp was dead almost immediately, as the cavitation of the bullet pretty much pulped his heart.

They say “the internet never forgets,” but I’m finding more and more as I look around that this is incorrect. (Hotendotey, one of the internet’s first major and offensive webcomics, for instance, has apparently vanished.)

I know I didn’t imagine this. I was looking through reports to see which was better, the .40 or the .357 mag, and that report totally made up my mind on what I’d want to use in the event of a home invasion. And I’m glad I chose it – my Taurus .357 model 669 is one of my absolutely FAVORITE weapons of all time.

But now I can’t find this report, and it’s annoying. Anyone know where it is?

Gruesome, I know, but welcome to the world of gun culture.

One of my friends had a question about bayonets and other such melee attachments for a modern firearm. This was part of my response, to show just how ridiculous some people can be. And yet, I want one. It’s stupid, but… want.